The Fun Day

Hi this is me little turtle.  I am going to tell you about the time there was a strawberry hunt in Little Town. (Little Town is not so little though.) One sunny morning Mayor Toad said, “There will be a strawberry hunt. Who ever finds the biggest strawberry gets to get 100 free passes to go to Little Town Swimming pool.” I was very very excited.

But there was one VERY big problem. Jonny the “famous'” turtle. He always got his way. All because his dad was the president of Little Town police station. Every one HAD to do what Jonny said other wise his dad would arrest you and put you in jail. I always tried to stay out of his way. So that was the big problem. So he probably will win.

The next day was the strawberry signups. I was the 1st one to sign up. Then Jonny and Lilly, who was so poor she did not have a home. My family tries their hardest  to help her family. Then Gotter and a bunch of other random animals.

Every one said Jonny was totally going to win. But then the most weird and crazy thing happened. Jonny broke his leg and know one knew what happened. Not even Jonny himself. All he said was, ¨I broke my leg.” The next day I trained so hard for the strawberry hunt.

By accident I stepped on our neighbor’s cat’s tail. Then all of a sudden a boy named Bob moved to town. The next day was election day for the mayor. Everyone woke up so early to see who won. Mr. Tomerson got 35 votes. Mr. Lode got 394 votes. And Jonny’s dad (Mr. Cod) got 5,999.

Then all of a sudden the new kid’s dad (Mr. Codeley) said “I would like to give an announcement. Jonny did not break his leg! He said his dad told him to fake it so he could get elected.” So every one that elected Jonny’s dad said, “I want to elect Mr. Codeley.” Then it was time for the race. Jonny won. Then it was time for the strawberry hunt. A lot of people were doing it like Jonny, Tommy, me, Lilly, Coleen, and Kally.

We had to line up in a line and a lot of people thought Tommy was going to win. And then all of a sudden “Bang!”   We all started to run to the strawberry garden. “GO! GO! GO!” yelled my mom. As soon as I got to the strawberry garden I looked up and there I saw the most beautiful strawberry I ever saw. It looked so luscious. I just thought of biting into it. It looked so juicy. I jumped for it over and over again. In the mean time Jonny was still looking for a strawberry. Then he spotted one. It was low enough for him to reach so he reached for it and when he got ahold of it, it was not as ripe as he thought. It was all mushy and gross. But he did not notice.

Then he put it on his back and went back to the middle of Little Town. Meanwhile Tommy was still looking for a ripe strawberry. Then that is when he saw a beautiful strawberry. Then he yanked it off of the strawberry tree. (The animals are so small that bushes are like trees to them.) Then he put it on his shell. and went back to the middle of Little Town. He did not notice the big bite taken out of it. Meanwhile Lilly was in thinking between two strawberries. They both looked so luscious. She just could not choose. Then she new she had to choose. Then she thought she could do eenie meanie miney mo.

Coleen is so scared. She felt something on the back of her shell. Then she saaw Bree the butterfly. She asked her if there is something on her back. She said kind of. You are under a strawberry tree and a leaf fell on your back. “Whew!” she said. “I thought it was a spider.” Then she saw the prettiest and juiciest strawberry ever. She reached and reached and… Guess what? Kally saw the same one. Then Kally reached and reached for it too. Then Coleen got ahold of it then Kally got ahold of it. Then they both ranked there way.

Finally Kally got i.t Luckily there was another ripe strawberry that Coleen could have. And it was nearby. So they went back to the middle of town. Then Lilly finally picked a strawberry. Then she went back to the middle of town. Then when every one was back to the middle of town the mayor got back from looking at birds. He looked at every strawberry. He said, “Some of you guys got bites taken out of it.

“Then he anounced the winner. Drumroll please! buuuuuuuuuuuu buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. “Little turtle!” he said. Everyone cheered. Then from now on everyone did not encore me or tease me. The Mayor gave me 100 free passes to Little Town Swimming pool. That is the time I got 100 Free passes to go to Little Town Swimming pool.

The End!!!!

Please Take Better Care of Our Earth

Take better care of the earth! Littering is bad for the environment. You will feel better if you take good care of the earth. I hope you keep reading and start doing a better job of taking care of our precious earth.

First, do not throw plastic, paper, glass and metal away. The earth gives us things so we can make plastic, paper, glass and metal. If we do not recycle we will run out of all of those things. Please stop throwing these things away!

Next, if you litter it can blow in the ocean then a fish can eat it. Then a bigger fish will eat it and so on and so on. Then a lot of fish will get sick. Then we go fishing and eat the fish. Then we will get sick. You do not want to get sick!

If we put plastic in the trash it will get burned. Then it will make bad air. Things in plastic will evaporate into the air and pollute the air. Then when we breath in the air we will get get very ill. Animals will breath in the air too. Then all of the animals and people will get really sick and die. Doctors will not be able to take care of us because they will be sick too. Do you want this to happen to you or your family and friends?

We should not drive so much. The more we drive the more gas we by. The more gas we by the more gas will pollute the air. Driving cars will make the earth get polluted.

I hope you will start taking better care of the earth. There are so many ways to pollute the earth but there are more ways to help the earth.

My Mom

About My Mom.

Her favrite coler is green. She is very nice and kind. She is very funny. She makes me laugh and chuckle. I love her so so much.

I Love Her Because…

She gives me food. She gives me shelter. She gives me warmth. She gives me Love. She gave me life.

What she does is powerful.

What she does is powerful because of what she does gives me almost everything a girl like me could ask for. She works so I can eat. She works so I can sleep on a bed. So I can eat yummy yummy food. So I can do dance.

Why I root about my mom.

She is so nice. She makes me giggle and chuckle. She is the best mom in the world.
Loves me so so so so much.

The End!!!!

My Dad Is Cool

Dear World,

This is about my cool dad. He thinks he is all that in a bag of chips. He is so funny. He acts like a two year old. A lot of people think I look like him. But I do not. My dad calls my friend Claire “Chloe” and my dad calls my friend Alana Emily. Sometimes I wonder if he will ever grow up. He is the best dad in the world.He is obsessed with football. If there is a game on he will watch it. Even if it is from 1983. He wrestles with me and plays softball with me. He has a job where he travels. And when he comes home sometimes he gets me something that he got from a gift store or from the hotel he stays at.


Thank you for reading my blog. See ya.

How To Make A Poster For your Teacher

Dear world this is how to make a poster for your teacher. First, get a BIG piece of construction paper. Then, get colored markers. [Ask your teacher what his or her favorite color and use those colors.]  Then on the BIG piece of construction paper write your teachers name in bubble letters… for example I would write Mrs.Essenburg in bubble letters because that is my teachers name. Then color some of the bubble letters in or decrate the inside. Then DRAW a picture of you and your teacher. Then sign your name on the bake. Last but not lest give it to your teacher.

Then it might look like this…

My Special Place

My special place has all my family lives. It is Ohio! I used to live there. But my dad got a job in  Michigan. I love Michigan too. Ohio is my home it is were I was boren. I lived in a warm house and I sometimes I wish I never left. I also cry when I think of Ohio. When my family vistes I am very happy but when we leave I am sad. When my family comes to my house I am happy. But when they leave I am sad. This is all about my special place. Do you have a special place? If you do what is it? And why is THAT your special place?


Got the image from

All About The Cool, Hilarious, Awesome Me!

Dear World,

These are things I  like and dislike. I love my family and I love my dog Woody. But when he butts me out of the way I dislike him. I love writing. When I grow up I want to be a veterinarian or an architect. I love my life more then a monkey loves its bananas. I dislike brussel sprouts because they are slimy.  I LOVE LOVE CANDY! I like all my…

friends.  And by the way spiders freak me out.


Do you love candy?    If so what kind is your favorite?

What do you want to be when you grow up?    Why do you want to be that?

My Dog Woody

My dog Woody is a very loyal pet to have. He is very lazy, but cute. He licks my face when I am sick. Next, he loves to eat beef jerky. He is a chocolate lab. When I got home from the hospital when I was born he licked my little toes. He loves to cuddle.

This is my dog Woody.



Do you have a dog?

If you had a dog or have a dog what kind of dog is it or was it?

If you do not have a dog what kind would you like to have?

I hope you get a Chocolate lab.